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Cancer Detection Profile Male

Also Known as : Cancer Detection Profile, Male,AFP, CEA, HCG, PSA Total, PSA Free, Ca15.3, Ca19.9, Calcitonin, Thyroglobulin, CBC Room Temperature : 2 to 8 Degree C : -20 Degree C :

Folic Acid

Also Known as : Folic Acid (Folic Acid, Serum Folate, Folate Serum, S. Folate, Folate/Folic Acid, Serum)

Iron Studies

Room Temperature : 2H 2 to 8 Degree C : 7D -20 Degree C : 30D

Peripheral Smear

Also Known as : Peripheral Smear (Peripheral Blood Smear, Peripheral Smear for Anemia Typing, Blood Film, Peripheral Blood Smear)

ANEMIA Profile-I

Also Known as : ANEMIA Profile-I CBC, C-Reactive Protein, Serum Iron, TIBC, Iron saturation (%) Calculated, Reticulocyte Count Room Temperature : 2 to 8 Degree C : -20 Degree C :

HIV DNA PCR Qualitative


Anti CCP

CCP Antibody (CCP Antibody, Anti-CCP Antibody, Anti Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide - Anti CCP)

Complete Hemogram(CBC+PS+ESR)

Specimen : A blood sample drawn from a vein in the arm or a fingerstick or heelstick (newborns)


CRP (CRP, C-Reactive Protein, CRP (C-Reactive Protein)-Qualitative)

Arthritis Panel-1

Also Known as : Arthritis Panel-1, CBC, ESR, Protein electrophoresis, CRP, Uric Acid, ANA, ASO, RF, Urine routine Temperature : Refrigerated

VLDL- very low density lipoprotein

A blood sample is needed. Most of the time blood is drawn from a vein located on the inside of the elbow or the back of the hand.

Thyroid Profile (3 test)

Thyroid Profile (T3,T4,TSH)

Metabolic Profile (58 test)

Thyroid Profile + Kidney Profile + Liver Profile + Lipid Profile + Iron Studies + Sugaar Memory-HBA1c + CBC + Hb + Platelet

Liver Profile (10 Test)

Bilirubin Total + Bilirubin Direct + Bilirubin Indirect + SGOT + SGPT + Alkaline Phosphatase + GGT + Albumin/GGT + Protein Total + Albumin

Kidney Profile (5 Test)

Calcium + Uric Acid + Urea + Creatinine + BUN/Screat

Prolactin Level-PRL

Prolactin or PRL

ECG / Electrocardiography

ECG / Electrocardiography

Ultrasound Guided Biopsy / Sonography Guided Biopsy

Also Known as : Ultrasound Guided Biopsy (Sonography Guided Biopsy, US Guided Biopsy)

Ultrasound Guided FNAC

Also Known as : Ultrasound Guided FNAC (Sonography Guided FNAC, U/S Guided FNAC, US Guided FNAC)

Ultrasound 3D / 4D

Also Known as : Ultrasound 3D / 4D (Sonography 3D / 4D, U/S 3D / 4D, US 3D / 4D)